Picking Your Next Fishing Charter

picking your next fishing charter

It takes a lifetime to acquire the knowledge necessary to fish a certain body of water like a professional. However, if you want to have that same fishing experience this weekend without putting in the countless hours, you’re in luck. Read this article from your Kewaunee fishing guide for more information.

Picking Your Next Fishing Charter in Kewaunee

All you have to do to get your rod flexing is to book an awesome fishing charter. The problem is, it’s not easy to find a good one worth the cash. Consider these 10 tips when picking your next fishing charter to ensure you have a good time!

Tip #1: You Pay For What You Get

This tip really goes for just about anything in life. It’s not hard for any average joe to proclaim themselves a fishing guide. In fact, many places do not require any type of certification to start a fishing charter. If you’re suspecting something fishy may be up with your guide ask for their license numbers and any certifications they have. Be sure to ask if they are a part of any fishing guide organizations. If they’re not, give them a chance to explain why.

Tip #2: Surf The Web Before The Water

There is no shortage of fishing forums on the internet. Thankfully, that means there is no shortage of disgruntled customers of charters gone bad either. Be sure to look up your charter’s reputation in the community. One bad review may be a customer gone rogue, but if you notice an ugly streak it may be best to look elsewhere.

Tip #3: Pick Your Skipper, Not Your Vessel

It can be easy to be amazed by a large, shiny fishing boat. However, don’t be fooled. It’s no fun sitting on leather seats all day if you can’t catch a darn fish. Choose a captain you trust can lead you to great fishing spots.

Tip #4: Take Recommendations

Most hotels or travel agencies have connections to the best charters in the area. These places don’t want to point fisherman in the wrong direction, lest they take the heat for a poor advice. Chances are, hotels and agencies recommend the charters their customers rave about.

Tip #5: Ask About Equipment

The last thing you want to do is bring the wrong tool for the job or come unprepared. Ask about exactly what kind of fishing you will be doing. Whether it’s casting, troll, or a mix, ask if everything will be provided or if some light prep is in store.

Tip #6: Take Note of Catch Protocol

Some charters slaughter all fish caught then put them on the market while others let every fish back into the water unharmed. Ask and take note before going home empty-handed unexpectedly.

Tip #7: Don’t Buy On A Whim

There are some charters that try to book trips on boardwalks by chatting up people who happen to walk by. While this doesn’t automatically make a charter a poor choice, it does not afford you the opportunity to read up on them and see if they’re a good charter.

Tip #8: Don’t Stereotype

It’s an unfortunate fact, female fishing guides are not as common or accepted as male fishing guides. However, by shying away from choosing one without doing your homework may mean missing out on a guide who really knows her stuff.

Tip #9: Be Wary of High Availability

Charters that provide great service typically require booking well in advance. If the one you’re looking at offers next-day trips, there may be a catch.

Tip #10: Start Small

If you’ve never been on a charter, figure out what kind of charter experience you enjoy most by booking a shorter charter before shelling out big money for a weekend excursion. Contact our fishing guides at Tigger II Fishing Charters in Kewaunee for more information.

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